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Each part of this course is intended to take one month and the timing of lessons relates to the Zodiac. Only the opening remarks and introduction will appear on this page and the lessons will be archived on separate pages.
In every meditational procedure there are distinct steps to be taken.

1. We decide to meditate.

2. We withdraw our attention from the things of the external world.

3. We concentrate our mind upon some interesting subject.

4. We analyse this subject into all its parts and study these parts and their relations with each other and with the whole of which they are parts.

5. We hold the pattern of the whole analytical process together in an act of comprehension of its meaning. This is called contemplation.

Concentration means 'with one centre'. It requires that we set up in the mind some single idea of such a kind that to it we can refer every other idea that we have. Such an idea gives us the power of unifying our mind, and so of bringing it into peace and harmony.

Meditation is a mental process in which we disclose progressively the meaning of our central thought; we must proceed by defining our use of the words we use to express this idea. Our mind compares ideas, notes their similarities and differences, grouping them together in patterns. It is precisely the discovery of a meaningful pattern that is the object of meditation.

Contemplation, unlike meditation, does not follow a sequence of ideas through time. IT CONTEMPLATES PATTERN. Contemplation is essentially silent; to attain it we must still every mental process. Then the pattern discovered by the meditation process will be able to have its own effect on our mind.

WHOLENESS of awareness appears only in contemplation, NOT in meditation. Our mind and soul is bathed in wholeness, a wholeness which transmutes itself into PEACE and HARMONY of being.


In each of the ideas and aids to meditation which follow you should be looking for a pattern. When you feel you have found that pattern, then hold it in CONTEMPLATION. This is most important. The time reserved for Contemplation should be at least half of the time set aside for your daily 'meditational' period.

The Zodiac as Yantra



To prepare ourselves for that transcendent awareness where, by the increase of sensitivity, insight and comprehension, we take up our rightful position as mediators between the Intelligent Source Power of our being and the material world around us.

A Yantra is any symbol that will aid our meditation.

The Zodiac is embodied in a system of symbols which enable us to understand the behaviour of forces within a closed field of forces (in this case - ourselves and the world we live in).

If we examine the Zodiascope we will see that the outer circle can be divided into twelve equal parts. For the purpose of our meditation these twelve may be considered as four sets of three parts each.

These four triads may in their psychological aspects be understood to symbolise the four functional divisions of the human organism.

The triangle of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo symbolises the body in its physical aspect and is referred to as Earth Triad.

The triangle of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces known as a Water Triad, symbolises the Psychic or Feeling aspect of the organism.

Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are called Air Signs and represent the Perception, Memory and Rational aspects of the being.

The remaining Triad comprising Aries, Leo and Sagittarius represent the energy aspects of the body appearing specifically in the nervous system.

In the centre of the Zodiascope may be seen an Eye. This Eye symbolises the observing consciousness, "I, my Self" the real Self. The subject that knows all objects. Standing in the centre of the twelve it gives them meaning and relationship.

The whole diagram indicates the method whereby we may gain a conscious knowledge of this real Self as opposed to the partial knowledge experienced by the egoic self.

By familiarising ourself with, and watching these four aspects of our being - the Physical, the Psychical, the Rational and the Energic - whenever we perform an act, then we gain from this act the greatest value and by it move towards the integration of our being.

We are to observe our body processes and physical actions, the feelings accompanying these, the reasons pretending to explain them, and the amount of energy inserted into them. This enables us to become aware initially of the lack of correspondence between these four functions, of our general tendency towards disintegration, and of the zones of our being within which we need to work to gain the control and reflexive self-consciousness we seek.

The more clearly in our meditation we can say to ourselves in words what we observe of the fourfold function of our being, the more consciousness pervades these functions, the more power we will have to control the responses of our organism and thus gain greater control with the necessary increase of efficiency in carrying us through the processes of our evolution to our desired end.


A serious and positive approach will give positive results - a haphazard approach will give haphazard results.

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