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New Group of World Servers
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The New Group of World Servers.

  • Humanity is not following a haphazard or uncharted course - there is a Plan.
  • Humanity determines the speed of its own evolution and the fulfilling of its own destiny under the Plan.
  • The success of the Plan depends upon the intelligent co-operation of all men and women of goodwill everywhere in the world.
  • People of goodwill who co-operate form part of the new group of world servers which is working to implement the Plan.
  • The leaders of the new group of world servers are those who initiate and carry forward activities which benefit humanity as a whole. These leaders are known by their harmless, constructive and inclusive qualities. They provide the vision and mould public opinion.
  • Behind these leaders and the co-operating people of goodwill are the Custodians of the Plan, "the inner spiritual Government of the planet." They are spoken of as "The Society of Illumined Minds" since they are ahead of us in evolution. They are also called "The Masters of the Wisdom."
  • Working in all the main fields of human activity and in all countries everywhere in the world, the new group of world servers acts as a synthesising factor within humanity and lays the foundation for right human relations and ultimate world unity.
  • The new group of world servers is not an organisation, it has no headquarters, president, officers or list of members. It has only servers of humanity in every country occupied with the task of discovering and aiding all men and women of goodwill.

Membership of the New Group of World Servers.

Every man and woman in every country who is working to heal the breaches between people, to evoke the sense of brotherhood, to foster the sense of mutual interrelation and interdependence, and who sees no racial, national or religious barriers, is a part of the new group of world servers, even if he has never heard of it by name.

The new group of world servers are gathered from all branches of human enterprise. They will be found among the creative workers, the the industrialists, in ordinary homes, and in the ranks of labour. There are scienentists who, repudiating violently the unproven, yet are giving all they have of scientific ability and knowledge to the service of humanity - each in his chosen scientific field; there are men of financial stature who regard money as a responsibility to be dispensed wisely in the service of others; there are educators preoccupied with wise formulations of knowledge and with an encyclopaedic understanding of the garnered wisdom of the ages, which they seek to utilise in fitting the younger generation to live beautifully, constructively and creatively; there are churchmen and religious leaders who have the vision. In all of these the spirit of light is found and they intelligently love their fellowmen.

These world servers are the men and women who have an international vision, which in no way interferes with their good citizenship in the country which claims their allegiance, and which in no way militates against their active participation in the religious faith which may appeal to them and claim their service. They are found working today in every country in the world. Above everything else, they are distinguished by their ability to work along constructive lines.

These workers emphasise the points of contact and not the points of difference. They foster no sectarian division and they work to end racial hatreds and the many class distinctions. They call attention to the good and true and enunciate the principles of brotherly understanding, mutual goodwill and the fatherhood of God, upon which all true brotherhood must be based. They represent an attitude of mind.

They attack no people, classes or systems, and under no circumstances do they ever condemn or criticise any race or nation. Thus they seek to lay the foundation of the international understanding which will bring in a world of peace and they point to that spiritual relationship to God and to each other which will bring our religious differences to an end.

The Work of the New Group of World Servers.

The new group of world servers are discovering and bringing together the men and women of goodwill all over the world whose interest is shown on behalf of humanity and not primarily on behalf of their own immediate environment. The larger interest will not, however, prevent them from being good citizens of the country where their destiny has cast them. They are not revolutionaries.

All true servers everywhere belong to the new group of world servers, whether their line of service is cultural, political, scientific, religious, philosophical, psychological or financial. They constitute part of the inner group of workers for humanity. This new group does not and cannot control the individual server. It brings strength and potency to whatever spiritual activity he's engaged in.

The group gives to the word "spiritual" a wide significance; they believe it to mean an inclusive endeavour towards human betterment, uplift and understanding; they give it the connotation of tolerance, international synthetic communion, religious inclusiveness, and of all trends of thought which concern the integrating development of the human being.

It is a group therefore without a terminology or bible of any kind; it has no creed nor any dogmatic formulations of truth. The motivating impulse of each and all is love of God as it works out in love for one's fellowmen.

The materialising of ideas, which have hitherto remained theoretical, is the prime function of the new group of world servers. They have to move the whole theory from the realm of sentiment, of idealism, and of mystical aspiration and bring the question, as a demonstrated factor, before the public. They place the emphasis upon the expression of goodwill and the fulfilment of the law of love and not upon affiliation with organisations, with their labels and doctrines.

Sources of Energy.

The power which the new group of world servers will eventually wield, will be drawn from two sources: first, from that inner centre or subjective world government, whose members are responsible for the spread of those ideals and ideas which have led humanity onwards from age to age. This inner centre has always existed and the great leaders of the race, in every field, have been connected with it. The range of these associates is tremendous and the grades of these workers are many, but self-sacrificing work for the betterment of human living and love of their fellowmen have distinguished them all. These great souls are primarily distinguished by the fact that they know no mental limitation, and their inclusiveness is such that for them there are no racial distinctions nor any religious differences.

The second source from which the new group of world servers will draw its power will be from the people of goodwill in the world at any time. They will be able to swing into activity at any moment such a weight of thought and such a momentous public opinion that they will eventualy be in a position definitely to affect world affairs.

Behind humanity and, therefore, the new group of world servers also, stand those Enlightened Ones whose right and pivilege it is to watch over human evolution and to guide the destinies of men. In the West we call them Christ and His disciples. In the theologies of the East they are called by many names. They are also known as the Agents of God, or the Hierarchy of liberated souls, who seek ceaslessly to aid and help humanity. This they do through the implanting of ideas in the minds of the world thinkers, so that these ideas in due time receive recognition and eventually become controlling factors in human life.

In the constant impact upon human consciousness of the great concepts which lie back of our evolutionary process, the human race is developing the power to think, to choose, and to build a sure foundation for human living.


Under the Law the members of the Hierarchy work through their disciples in all countries and never before have there been so many endeavouring to fit themselves for this function of being "Transmitters of the Purpose", and never before has there existed such a strong inner integrity and subjective relation between workers in all fields in all parts of the world. For the first time in history there is a coherent group for the Masters to use. Heretofore, there have been lonely isolated workers or tiny detached groups, and this has greatly hampered the work. Now this is changed.

There is need to substantiate this group integrity and to develop the power to recognise all such workers everywhere under any name or organisation and to co-operate with them when so recognised. This is no easy thing to do. It presupposes the following:

  1. An inner sensitiveness to the Plan.
  2. An ability to recognise principles, governing conduct and administration.
  3. A capacity to overlook the non-essentials and to emphasise the essentials.
  4. A submergence of personal ambition and interest in the furthering of the group ideals and
  5. A steady preservation of the inner contact through meditation and the overlooking and non-emphasis of personality reactions.

These are basic pre-requisites and should receive the attention of workers and students in all groups.

It would be of value if each student would link up every day at five o'clock by an act of the will with this rapidly integrating group of servers, mystics and brothers. To this end it might be wise to commit to memory the following brief dedication to be said silently at that hour with the attention focussed in the head:

"May the Power of the one Life pour through the group of all true servers.
May the Love of the One Soul characterise the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones.
May I fulfill my part in the One work through self-forgetfullness, harmlessness and right speech."

This can be done in a few seconds of time wherever one may be and in whatever company, and will not only aid in the magical work of the forces of light, but will serve to stabilise the individual, to increase his group consciousness, and to teach him the process of carrying forward interior subjective activities in the face of and in spite of outer esoteric functioning.

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This page last updated 11th March 2000.