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A Practical Meditation for your Location

This simple meditation - based on the Fountain International and similar concepts - is an idea that seems to work well and produce positive results. The concept is that not only people but also 'communities' suffer disease and that they too may be healed by group (preferable to individual) meditation. The beneficial effects of this action may not be confined to the immediate focus of the meditation but may encompass people, places, situations and other areas.

Typical Method
You will first of all need to decide on the focus for your meditation (Hara). This might be almost any 'object' - e.g. a fountain, clock tower, statue etc. - preferably near the centre of the community and within the area which you feel needs healing.

Otter and Preseli stone monument in Cardigan
"Otter and Preseli stone" - Hara (in Cardigan) used by Wales Goodwill

A typical group guided meditation, might take the following form:

"Let each of us focus on our own inner light.......
Then expand this light and become one united being.......
Picture the 'hara' and visualise a brilliant spiral of energy from the centre of the Earth flowing up into the 'hara' and golden light pouring down.....
As the energies meet and merge the 'hara' becomes a beacon......
As the energy increases so it radiates out, sweeping through the streets and buildings of your local area above and below ground enfolding everything in its loving light.....
As the energy spreads beyond our area we link to all the fountain centres and others who are working to raise the consciousness and vibrations of the Earth......
It sweeps through the energy lines and so joins the vast web of light surrounding the world......
Now as we see the 'hara' radiating love and light we bring our focus back to this room and our awareness of each other."

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This page last updated 22nd November 2000.